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My skills are creating projects and following through with them. My strong suit is video editing. I can make cuts while working in a continuous and fluent manner. Most importantly, I have the ability to catch on and adapt to the skills and attitudes of the people around me. I am very experienced in the basic process of editing raw video footage.

Software:  Videopad video editor. I have also worked with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.



2010-2018:  I have put together several short films in the past that have taught me the basics of film production and film editing.

2017-Present:  I am currently in the post production stage of my first large production. This project began with an idea in the summer of 2017 and will be completed and released in June of 2018. During the course of this project, I have learned precise directing skills and I was able to work around obstacles that occurred during filming.  I have also learned to adapt to the hardships and bumps in the road that present themselves in all forms of artwork. I truly believe that with the right mentality and self discipline you can accomplish anything.

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